Friday, May 6, 2011

the project defined

So back in Graphic Design One we did a project that I thought was pretty cool. The project was to pick three words from a list and illustrate them using nothing but the letters in the words. Here's the three I did. (Keep in mind this was the first graphic design class I'd ever had so don't judge to harshly.)

This summer I decided I'm going to expand upon this project and choose a new word every week to illustrate. The plan is to upload a new one every Monday starting May 9th.

Here are the rules:
  1. The image has to illustrate the meaning of the word using the letters in that word. 
  2. Letters may be repeated as many times as necessary but the word has to be at least vaguely legible in at least one place.
  3. No extra elements (boxes, lines, etc.) may be used with the exception of one box to change the color of the background.
  4. Colors may be used but textures, patterns, etc may not be.
  5. Letters may be distorted but not to the point where they can't be recognized.
Hope you'll come by every Monday to check out the newest uploads and comment with suggestions for words to illustrate.


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